I understand the importance of balancing one’s true inner self versus how one needs to be seen by others in order to achieve his or her goals and aspirations. I truly love, love, love helping people feel confident and empowered. Let me guide you to create that most important first impression and the look that will make you feel inspired…

I provides the tools for self-confident and happy image branding.

I also help those with their wardrobe needs when going through life changes, such as divorce or new career opportunities. Some services include styling consultations, closet help, personal shopping, color analysis, special occasion dressing, and gift shopping assistance. My experience with public speaking enhances my ability to help others with verbal and nonverbal presentation skills, also.

I enjoy speaking to both small and large organization, educating others on the tools necessary to ensure their most favorable self-image. Topics include understanding the importance of first impressions and learning the skills needed to create happy and confident self-branding. My love for helping people reach their highest potential is clearly demonstrated in all of the services I offer.

I am a board member of the New York Tri-State Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International. I received my certification from the Fashion Institute of Technology and color analysis certification from the Image Resource Center of NY. I have a BA in psychology and economics and a MBA. As a former senior Wall Street economist and forecaster, I had appeared on several business television shows and quoted in publications such as the NY Times and Wall Street Journal. I am the mother of three children and an adorable tibetan terrier and an active member of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

Cheryl Katz

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