Busy…busy…busy.  We all run around from one activity to another to another, but  press that pause button  for a moment and ask yourself,  “Are You the Star of Your Own Story?”  Makes you think- right?  We all need to own our own story and while I’m trying to not sound like the old Nike slogan, “Just Do It”, we all need to sometimes look introspectively and ask these difficult questions.

I just attended a wonderful seminar over the weekend given by Marty Katz and Jeff Loehr which was based upon Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey.  Loosely explained, many stories begin with our beloved hero dealing with a problem but then goes on a journey to overcome these issues. Eventually, the hero returns tackling those issues but only with guidance and assistance from another.  This made me ponder the idea that we all are on a journey, but problems and issues are thrown at us all the time and sometimes we may feel lost dealing with these “forces”, but when this happens, we need to get back on track and become the star or hero of our own story again.

Godmother SOS

If I look at what “evil forces” I deal with most in my own story, it would be making health-related decisions for a family member tackling a chronic disease.  That’s of course on top of all the normal pain-in-the- butt life decisions we deal with all the time.  Of course, I turn to our doctors for their expertise and guidance.  However, it’s a difficult disease and they do not have all the answers.  Therefore, I need to feel confident and empowered in making difficult decisions.  I wish I had a Fairy Godmother that can “bippity boppity boo” me and send me the insight I need but I don’t.  So how do I help myself feel as confident as I can?

I have talked to clients about what I call emotional support dressing.  Have you ever seen the newspaper comic, Rose is Rose by Pat Brady & Don Wimmer?  Rose pictures herself often in a badass black leather mini motorcycle riding outfit with dangling silver chains wearing menacing sunglasses when she needs to feel strong and able to deal with problems.  For me, it has to be form-fitting jeans and a soft, tight-fitting light sweater in black with my tall black riding boots.  The tightness gives me a feeling of security wrapped around my body and I find it helpful in giving me a boost of much needed confidence.  I can’t even picture myself in sweats and a t-shirt dealing with important issues because I just don’t have on my wardrobe armor.

Wardrobe Armor Much Needed!

So now, think of your own story and are you able to see yourself as the confident hero tackling issues along the way?  We all have enough to deal with without having to feel insecure about our image.  My passion and love focus on others to ensure that they feel confident, strong, and terrific about themselves and then also the image they portray to the rest of the world.  Therefore, they can be at their best, reaching for their goals and tackling the “dragons” they encounter on their hero’s journey.