Image clarification is never just about “fashionable” clothing.  It’s about identifying and understanding the amazing unique person we are all in the inside and ensuring that it is being reflected just right on the outside.  When this balance is reached, that’s when we feel our most confident, ready to kick-ass selves and tackle our day with gusto, while at the same time, promoting an image of ourselves to the rest of the world that helps us reach our objectives.

Image consulting is about creating that baseline foundation to help you and others reach your specific objectives, whether for your career or socially.  It’s about learning about you as a person, what do you enjoy doing, what makes you feel confident and happy, and what are your work and social goals and responsibilities.  Then, a careful calculation of style strategy will progress with the understanding of a client’s physical attributes and his or her lifestyle needs.

First impressions are overwhelmingly determined by our appearance.  “In a small fraction of a second, what we see can dominate what we know.” (Nicolas Rule, PH. D, University of Toronto) As humans, we not only size up people by their appearance but even start to make judgement calls about their likeability, professionalism, trustworthiness, and many other personality traits.  Hence, that is why it is so important to double check that your displayed image is sending out the right message and by right message- the one You want others to be receiving.

     What Does Your Image Shout About You?

Shopping for one’s wardrobe can also be daunting unless you can walk into a store and feel more in control on what to look for when making purchases.  Image consultants not only help with image clarity but teach you what colors, patterns, and styles will bring out your very best, based off your individual attributes.  This makes clothing shopping easier, more productive, and joyful.

Image consulting, as I view it, is very holistic in nature since it takes into account understanding the whole person when creating an approach to ensure confidence building with one’s wardrobe.  “We all possess intrinsic, authentic style and discovering and understanding them is understanding yourself that much more.” (Alyce Parsons- international leader in image consulting).  This in turns, creates a healing effect as we are feeling more balanced and secure with who we truly are and embrace it.

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