As the snow and the doldrums of winter slowly melt, the colors of spring are finally emerging, making me want to add some of these colors into my wardrobe.  Why?  Not only are they just pretty (yes… I can be a Girly Girl) but these colors evoke happy, playful feelings.

Yellow…. seeing a lot of different shades of yellow at the stores this spring.  From sunny bright yellows to the orangey yellows of a sunset to the dramatic richness as seen in this French Connection off-the-shoulder floral-print maxi dress (Bloomingdales $228.))  Not only do I love this color and romantic print, but the cut is very flattering for most silhouettes.  Yellow is the color of great cheerfulness wrapped up with a smile.


Yellow is a mood pick-me up!

Another fabulous color is the Pantone color of the year- (I feel like we should hear trumpets announcing Royalty with that introduction) da da daaa- ultra violet.

According to color experts, Veronique Henderson & Pat Henshaw, authors of Color Me Confident, purple demonstrates creativity, sensitivity, and individuality.  It’s a calming color, which is never a bad thing.  Here’s a top that I’m liking not only because of the color but the tie in front pulling in the hips gives the wearer a great shape (Macy’s $30)

Purple’s vibe is sensitivity, creativity, and individualism!

Blue is a great color to brighten up your wardrobe.  While blue feels calming in nature, it also conveys mindfulness and trustworthiness.  The blue tie blouse found below is from Eloquii ($74.90 but reduced with coupon codes), a great website for sizes 14-28, is particularly stylish with its cinched-in waist and tie.

Blue is considered the color of trustworthiness and logic!

Now for those who sideways glance at color with a slight snarl and say no way…. I really like to wear black mostly, I will beg you to think of a pop of color to add a little spring to your step.  How about a scarf, belt, pocketbook, or even shoes that bring some levity to your overall look?  Love the pop of color with this Michael by Michael Kors (the affordable line from this designer) just the right red color Hobo bag.  (Macy’s $224).  Not only will the color look awesome while wearing black, but will look especially fine with blues and yellows, too.

A splash of red!

The copper color on this Aldo cross body bag is strikingly different on its own.  However, when paired with this Aldo scarf or any of your existing scarfs, it really creates a wow factor.  What’s nice about adding a scarf to a bag, you can change it depending upon your outfit or even your mood.

Dress up your bag with a scarf!

When picking colorful clothing and accessories, the crucial point is to understand the correct shade of a color for you.  This will depend upon many factors based upon one’s one characteristics.  You know how you see someone say in an awesome lavender sweater, so you decide to go try one on, but it looks awful on you.  This doesn’t mean you can’t wear purple, but most likely it’s just the wrong shade- too bright, too dark, etc.  So, if you need any help figuring out which colors looks awesome on you, please feel free to reach out to me at  That’s what I live for.  Have a bright, sunny day!