Sashes are awesome!  I have been seeing them more and more around. They can create visual interest.  They can hide those parts on our body, especially when we are wearing something like a tight knit, and make us feel more at ease and confident.  They can even fix issues with an outfit.  In the featured image, I am wearing a dress I purchased in Paris many years ago when I was on a special adventure with my oldest girl.  Love the lace but realized when I noticed it the other day in my closet, I thought about how I have not worn it in ages.  Quickly throwing it on, I remembered why.  It was way too boxy under the arms and made me much wider than I really am.  Hmmm I thought…how can I wear this and love it.

Quickly I grabbed my new obi sash from Peruvian Connection and viola…I loved this outcome so much.  In addition, because the leather sash gave this cutesy lace dress some bite now, I paired it with these suede chunky heel shoes by Michael by Michael Kors.  I was going to my youngest daughter’s concert, so a more casual look worked well.

This leather obi sash retailing at $89 from Peruvian Connection is just so versatile.  It can be worn anywhere from the waist up to right below the chest.  It can make a dress that drags into a more shapely design.  It also comes in 4 colors- cayenne, olive, black, and a lovely brown.


White House and Black Market also carries an obi sash that retails at $54 for leather and $69 for suede.  It’s a more delicate look than the one from Peruvian Connection so if that’s the emotion you would like to convey with perhaps a silk or polyester dress, I would probably opt for this one.  However, I must admit I really like the Peruvian Connection sashes with knits because of the bold statement that they make.

So, give sashes a try and have fun changing their placement on your body for different looks.  xoxo