Wardrobe Consultations

The Power Shopping Skills Consultation:

In 2 ½ hours, learn the important information you need in a stress-free and fun way to help become a skilled and efficient wardrobe shopper.

This includes understanding which colors, patterns, fabrics and styles are best for you based upon your facial and body characteristics, style personality, wardrobe responsibilities, and lifestyle changes. Let’s figure out which key pieces will help your closet grow exponentially and the stores that will suit your needs best.
Getting to know my clients’ personalities and needs is vital in ensuring that together, we create a wardrobe that helps instill confidence and cheerfulness about themselves! Research confirms the importance of first impressions and how quickly they are formed and then how difficult it is to change them. Ensure those first impressions always demonstrate the amazing person you are in the inside, on the outside! This learning experience will give you the tools and tips to take control of your appearance since even small changes can make a difference.

Color Analysis Consultation:

Don’t have the time right now for the Power Shopping Skills Consultation but want to understand which colors and patterns will look best on you, then this 1-hour color analysis may be for you.

Visit me in my color studio and let’s have fun discovering which colors reflect best upon your face, allowing your skin to glow. Learn the psychology behind colors and the messages different colors communicate to others about yourself. Our coloring changes throughout our life so if you feel your current colors are not as flattering as in the past, it may also be a good time to look at your coloring again.

In addition, we will also discuss which types of patterns will be most flattering for you. This is based upon several factors that we will analyze. Walk out of here understanding which types and size of patterns you can have fun with when dressing.

Wardrobe Assistance During Divorce & Other Life Changes:

Are you beginning a new chapter in your life and want to embrace it with gusto? Let’s work together creating a look that will ensure confidence and empowerment.

When we first walk out our door, the way we feel about ourselves will translate into everything we then do that day. Let’s feel awesome about ourselves and start the day off right. Our self-perception will significantly affect how others perceive you.

Remember too, within the first 15 seconds upon meeting with someone, an impression is formed not only of our appearance but even of our personality traits based upon that appearance. Let that impression always demonstrate the amazing person you are in the inside, on the outside!

Closet Consultations

Wardrobe Whisper / Closet Analysis:

Shop Successfully in your own closet! We all sometimes need a little push to help us create the user friendly and peaceful closet we really want.

Let’s create your own wardrobe sanctuary together, working efficiently to discard those unhelpful and unused pieces. Let’s see if we can discover new ways to wear existing garments or bring life to unused pieces with small alterations. We will then easily clarify what wardrobe items are missing that can greatly enhance your wardrobe. Lastly, your closet will be left super organized so you can easily and happily shop in your own closet.


Shopping Assistance

Personal Shopping:

Wardrobe shopping should be fun and efficient! I will save you time and energy as I pre-shop and set up dressing rooms of hand-picked items especially for you.

After discussing not only you wardrobe needs but understanding what makes you awesome, happy, and feeling empowered, we will game plan which stores and online sites will best suit you.
If budgeting is an issue but you would still enjoy my friendly help as an image consultant, please feel free to discuss my option of shopping without dressing room preparation.


Special Occasion Help:

You have a special event booked on your calendar and want to look your best! Need some help picking out that perfect outfit and discussing makeup options?

I want to make sure you are looking and feeling incredible on your extra special day. Let’s discuss styles, colors, budget and then plan our shopping trip.

Present Purchasing Assistance:

Don’t have the time and energy to pick out that special gift for someone? Let me help you find fabulous presents for your family, friends, or work associates.

Please tell me what you are looking for and I will be off and running finding you several choices. We can discuss budget, the message you want to convey, and favorite stores or websites. It can be our secret…sshhhh.



Guest Speaking and Communication Services

Guest Speaker:

My love for educating others will be apparent as I take on the role of guest speaker for your organization. Previous presentation topics were about happy and confident self-branding and the creation of that crucial first impression to help land the job you want.

However, presentation topics will be tailored for each speaking engagement, depending upon your needs. In the past, I have spoken to different types of businesses and college students. I am also available to speak to your non-profit organization free of charge, as I simply enjoying helping others feel their best!


Presentation Skills Polishing:

Make sure that the way the World sees and hears you is truly how you want to present yourself to others. This consultation will address both your verbal and nonverbal presentation skills.

Our time together can be very helpful not only for work and interviewing, but to also ensure that you are pleased with how others view you in social settings. My past speaking experiences in front of both small and large audiences and on television is conducive in guiding improvement in this important skill.


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