WELLNESS….We All hear this word a lot these days.  We All strive for wellness for both our physical and mental health.  Specifically, when I look at myself and those around me, it is clear how our emotional well-being is significantly tied to how we view ourselves and how we believe others see us.  This is especially observed in work situations.  We all want to feel confident, powerful, and ready to kick butt with whatever comes our way when we walk out the door each morning.  Right?  But how can we help ourselves feel that great?

Think about how you feel when you have on your favorite outfit- whether for work, out with your friends, or at a fancy, schmancy cocktail party.  Why is it your favorite?  My guess is that not only does it make you look good- but it makes you feel awesome and confident about yourself.   Don’t we all want that feeling everyday when we leave our homes?  Of course, we do.  That’s why it is so important that we have the know-how and arm ourselves with this layer of confidence and awesomeness every morning.  These feelings of empowerment will then filter through into everything we do that day so it’s important to start the day off right.  This we can control- to project the image that will result in increased positivism.

We are all amazing in our own unique ways.  I believe that its extremely important to balance the amazing person everyone is in the inside with how one wants and needs to project themselves on the outside.  Reaching this equilibrium is an invigorating and powerful step in not only confidence elevation but also goal clarification.  Make sure you own your own image and it’s making you feel confident and helps you to reach your goals.

As an image consultant, that’s why I love what I do.  It’s not to change anyone’s image but to work together to ensure that the image one projects makes him or her feel confident and fabulous- which can only support emotional well-being.