Why do animal prints appear to be the Go-To Look right now? I see it all over the websites and fashion blogs.  Is it our need to radiate fierceness in a world that feels uncertain and even frightening at times?  Does it make us feel more a part of nature?  Whatever reason resonates with you, it’s a fabulous look that can improve your confidence and have that feeling of “I got this.”

There are many ways to incorporate animal prints into your look.  You can go for the gusto with an entire dress of animal print.  Perhaps just a leopard print peeking through a solid jacket will be more for you.  I also love booties or pumps with either a small printed detail that almost surprises the observer or another accessory such as a belt or handbag consisting of a fantastic print.  Even if animal prints have not been “your thing” in the past, please just take another look with an open mind- you may be surprised to find the playfulness and bravery of a pattern appealing this time.

Here’s a couple of animal print looks that I have particularly admired.

From the Who What Wear Collection at Target, priced at only $35.00, this super fun one-shoulder leopard print is a real attention-getter.  I would love to pair it with red shoes and/or red handbag since it would take over some of the impact of the pattern and create a more cohesive look.  I love the playfulness of the one-shoulder peak-out and a couple of thin bracelets on the sleeveless wrist would be a nice addition to this look, as it draws attention to the bare arm.





Alright, so you may be saying that a leopard print dress is just a little too much for you and you wonder how many times you will wear it.  Keep in mind though, how reasonable the above dress is for even a few times of use. But, you may still be yearning for something you can wear often and even be willing to budget substantially more- look no further. I am really liking these leather mules by Jaggar (retail: $148 Shopbop).  The ivory color, low heels, tortoiseshell buckle and box toe are a combination creating a shoe that can be worn with so many outfits for so many occasions.  Comfortable and sleek is always a great way to go.  I picture wearing these with my favorite pair of jeans with fringe trim and also wearing them with my black dress pants and a blazer.  My list can go on and on.


My last highlight is this terrific cozy leopard print cardigan from Stelen (retail: $88 Need Supply Co.) It elevates a casual outfit with jeans but because it’s soft and fuzzy, feels comforting like your favorite blanket.  Wear it with mules or a great pair of solid colored boots.

Hope you are feeling like giving animal prints a try if you haven’t in the past.  Maybe you have new ideas on how to incorporate these fun prints into your wardrobe to achieve that confident with maybe even a little bit of a mischievous smile look.  Enjoy!  xoxo